Growth-based Consulting

Building a positive culture is key to the success of any group, workplace, or team. Erin has worked with leaders from small business, sports teams, and non-profits to academic leadership. She leads and facilitates training sessions and seminars to help teams grow and leverage their talents with excellence. Erin uses strengths-based principles to encourage leaders and participants to unlock and maximize their full potential. Whether at the beginning or end stage of your transformation, Erin can help your teams develop and grow their impact.

Goals: #Achieved 

Identify     Understand     Strategize    Deliver Solutions

  • Identify and target talents to FIND & FULFILL your PURPOSE

  • Increase personal accountability and organizational effectivness

  • Strengthen group morale

  • Identify challenges and opportunities to improve team productivity

  • Cultivate diverse talents that exist in every group

  • Resolve challenges

  • Engage meaningfully

  • Build capacity

  • Sustain excellence

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Speaking Topics

Psychology of Achievement 

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Life is Short.

Count yours better.

Discover Your Strengths

The Secret Sauce is Cultivating Engagement.

Leaders & Managers edition

Crack the code of Good Communication:

Break it down, turn meaning UP


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