great souls are quiet

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Great souls are quiet. "Grosse seelen dulden still"

Did you know? The MaryBlair Project focuses on Dorothy Bryan, who also happens to be the great-granddaughter of "Notable American Women" and DAR co-founder, Sara Rice Pryor.

Sara Pryor initiated the unique naming of the long line of Mary Blair-women in honor of her own beloved aunt, Mary Blair. Sara's incredible life is depicted in her memoir, My Day: Reminiscences of a Long Life. She experienced personal tragedy and triumphs firsthand via the U.S. Civil War and deaths of her two sons before finding peace.

Sara's own words about her public sorrows: "But why should I ask my readers to listen while I press, "like Philomel, my heart against a thorn!" We can change nothing in our lives. We must bear the lot ordained for us! We need not ask others to suffer with us! Grosse seelen dulden still

[Translation: Great souls are quiet.]

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