..."weaves families, secrets, and human connection into one tale that uncovers what it means to have a life worth living."

"intense and intimate, incredible illustration of reclaiming yourself..." 




~ Dorothy Hardy Bryan,

from Mary Blair Destiny

What is "destiny?" How long can the past stay buried? How long can secrets remain undiscovered? Mary Blair Destiny is an unforgettable journey of serendipity, resilience, and healing set in the early 20th century, filled with pageantries -- and secrets -- of old Virginia aristocracy.

Based on the true story of Dorothy Bryan, her journey uncovers her birth parents by a series of 'accidents' -- and their affluent yet tragic lives in Virginia aristocracy. Fate and chance encounters lead Dorothy to discover details of her birth and then her surprising abandonment as an infant. Dorothy set forth on an unwavering quest to find answers and bring healing to her life, yet she carried shame with her to the grave. A prominent politician, a doctor's fastidious records, and a unique name, Mary Blair, solved the puzzle of Dorothy's life. She is a secret no longer. Generations later, more details are unearthed, but we will never know what was forever buried with those that held the deepest family secrets.

Following the lessons from the people impacting Dorothy's story, Richman reveals to readers virtues of looking at life as one moment, and that this present moment is irreplaceable. Richman and the lives portrayed in her story are proof that the richness of life is found in our connections with others--marriages and friendships, the moments in life that we share, and the ways that we become connected. The stories told in Mary Blair Destiny add up to a guide for living well, with inspiration for all of us. 

Join Erin Richman on this journey to resolve and heal a legacy that impacted generations of women and a branch of a family once-unknown. 

Author Erin L. Richman

Psychologist, Educator, & Mother

Dr. Erin Richman is an educator with a passion for the power of learning and partnership. Richman is a native Floridian and currently resides in Jacksonville Beach with her family. Her latest passion has been a work of heart. Mary Blair Destiny reveals the true story of a baby's incredible entry to this world, nearly-forgotten. She ultimately forged her way in this world leaving a legacy of strength, resilience, and determination. The baby grew to become the matriarch of her own tribe, which includes Erin and her very large clan of cousins.


Mary Blair Destiny


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